Gabon visa for Equatorial Guinea citizens

No Visa Required Yellow Fever Required

Citizens of Equatorial Guinea are granted Gabon visa exemption of 90 days

COVID Updates

All arriving passengers have to undergo an RT-PCR test on arrival in Gabon. They have to self isolate for up to 48 hours till they get their test report. They are allowed to travel across the country if their test report indicates Negative.  

Visa Requirements

  1. 📒 Passport, Which should at least have 6 months of validity

⚠️ Yellow Fever Warning

Gabon is a yellow-fever affected country. We suggest you, get a Yellow Fever Certificate before travel as it may be required while returning to your home country or entering any other country. Yellow Fever shots are generally valid for ten(10) years, but it may depend on the hospital or clinic.

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Gabon is a country in the Central Africa region of Africa. Libreville is the capital city of Gabon. It is a developing country and its passport rank is 152. It has a population of approx 2.2 M. Gabon `s phone code is 241 and its currency code is XAF. Most spoken languages in Gabon are Fang,Punu-sira-nzebi,Mpongwe

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Embassy & Consulates

Embassy of Gabon in Bata


Calle de Bata BP 284

(240) 931 80

(240) 820 66

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Embassy of Gabon in Malabo



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