Macau visa for Nigeria citizens

Pre Visa Required

Citizens of Nigeria require prior visa approved from nearest Embassy or Consulate of China to travel to Macau. If embassy or consulate available in your country then they need to apply Macau through a representative in Macau. This can be your travel agent or other known person Who will apply "Authorization to Stay and Enter" in Macau on behalf of you.

Important Tips

👉 Travel to Hongkong along with Macau as both places are very close by to each other and well connected through water and by road

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Macao is a territory of China in the Eastern Asia region of Asia. Macao is the capital city of Macao. It is a developed territory and its passport rank is 65. It has a population of approx 649.3 K. Macao `s phone code is 853 and its currency code is MOP. Most spoken languages in Macao are Canton Chinese,Portuguese,Mandarin Chinese

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