Mauritius visa for Uzbekistan citizens

Visa On Arrival

Mauritius Visa for Uzbekistan citizens or passport holders. 
Mauritius is considered very easy in granting visas and welcoming tourists to their country. So most nationalities do not visa to visit Mauritius. If some nationalities need a visa, they simply grant a free Visa on arrival. So pack your bags and enjoy your holidays in Mauritius. But before that, have a look at the required documents.

Visa Updates

Mauritius is open to travel for fully-vaccinated travelers.

💉 Starting 1st July and till 30th September 2021, full-vaccinated travelers need to semi-restrictive quarantine for 14 days. They must book a Certified hotel for 14 days and must remain there. They are allowed to enjoy hotel facilities and beaches. They have to undergo an RT-PCR test on the 7th and 14th day, and if they are found negative, they can visit anywhere in Mauritius without any restrictions after day 14th.

💉 From 1st October 2021, full-vaccinated visitors can travel to Mauritius without any Quarantine restrictions. They must have to carry a negative RT-PCR test taken within 72 hours before boarding. 

💉 Non-vaccinated travelers will have to quarantine for 14 days in an official hotel, including meals and transfers. They have to stay inside their room during the period. They also have to undergo an RT-PCR test on day 7th and day 14th.

Visa Requirements

Have a look at a small list of required documents

  1. Passport Which should at least have 6 months of validity
  2. Return flight tickets ✈ to prove that you are leaving the country at the end of the stay.
  3. Hotel bookings 🏨 or proof of accommodation.
  4. Sufficient funds of $100 per day which they rarely ask for

Visa Process

Mauritius provides visa on arrival for 60 days for Uzbekistan passport holders.

Steps to get the Mauritius visa

  1. Keep all documents handy.
  2. Airline Staff will provide you some forms which need to fill and submit at the immigration counter. (Tip: Carry a pen ✏ with you and fill the provided forms while in flight to speed the immigration queue)
  3. After get off from airplane ✈, straight go to the immigration counter 🛂 to get official entry into Mauritius.

The immigration officer may ask some questions regarding your stay or your visiting purpose. Questions may include "Where are you staying ?" , "What's your purpose of visit ?" , "How long are you going to stay in Mauritius ?" etc.

Visa Fees

To attract more tourists to their country, Mauritius provide Visa on arrival without any charges. So worry free about any Visa fees. 

Important Tips

Taxis 🚕 are expensive and public transport 🚍 is also not extensive, So we recommend you rent a car to roam around Mauritius. They drive on the left side of the road.

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Mauritius is a country in the Eastern Africa region of Africa. Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius. It is a developing country and its passport rank is 61. It has a population of approx 1.3 M. Mauritius `s phone code is 230 and its currency code is MUR. Most spoken languages in Mauritius are Creole French,Bhojpuri,French

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