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eVisa is an online process of Visa application that needs to be taken before traveling to the country but an applicant can apply for it without visiting an embassy or consulate. So this is considered to be the easiest way of getting a visa. The applicant usually gets eVisa by entering their information and uploading some basic documents on an official website of a particular country. Nowadays, many countries are moving towards this kind of system to facilitate the effortless and rapid process of visa granting, Which attract more tourist to their country.

Visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is the easiest form of getting a visa as it is granted on arrival at the port of entry of a country. Many countries have this option for some chosen citizens.

Prior Visa Required

This is the hardest form of visa to get. Visa is issued by applying to an embassy or consulate before the travel to a country. The applicant usually has to submit multiple documents to prove their financial conditions and their ties to their own country.

No Visa Required

Some nationalities do not any visa requirements for a particular country as it is based on bilateral or unilateral agreements between countries.

No Visa Issued

Some Countries do not offer visas to some specific nationalities due to conflict between their countries. For example, India does not provide a tourist visa to Pakistan nationals and vice versa as well. So visa is not granted for non-essentials travels like Tourism in this case.