Indonesia visa for Antigua and Barbuda citizens

No Visa Required

Indonesia is a country of a group of uncountable beautiful islands and volcanoes. Lush green rice terraces, turquoise waters, and amazing mountains make this more attractive. Bali is in Indonesia and is a famous destination

Visa Requirements

  1. 📒 Passport, Which should at least have 6 months of validity
  2. ✈️ Return flight tickets or ticket showing travel out of Indonesia

That's all that you need to visit Indonesia for tourism

Visa Process

  1. Keep all documents handy.
  2. Airline Staff will provide you some forms which need to fill and submit at the immigration counter. (Tip: Carry a pen 🖊️ with you and fill the provided forms while in flight to speed the immigration queue)
  3. After get off from flight ✈️, straight go to the immigration counter 🛂 to get official entry into Indonesia.

Visa Fees

Indonesia facilitates visa on arrival without any charges for 30 days.

Important Tips

👉 Carry US dollars with you and convert them there in Indonesia for a better exchange rate. Always exchange your money at reputed Money exchangers as there are lots of scams going on.
👉 Rent a bike is a better option as it is very cost-effective compared to taxis or private car rentals

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Indonesia is a country in the Southeast Asia region of Asia. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a developing country and its passport rank is 122. It has a population of approx 273.5 M. Indonesia `s phone code is 62 and its currency code is IDR. Most spoken languages in Indonesia are Javanese,Sunda,Malay

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