Tuvalu visa for Bahamas citizens

Visa On Arrival

Visa Requirements

  1. 📒 Passport, Which should at least have 6 months of validity.
  2. ✈️Return Flight Ticket or tickets showing your travel out of Tuvalu
  3. 🛏️ Accommodation or hotel reservation
  4. 💳 Sufficient funds, to verify it you can show either bank statements, cards, or cash.

Visa Process

Pack your bags, book your flights, and board the flight. Onboard, you will be given some arrival cards, which you need to fill (Carry a pen). On reaching Tuvalu, show your arrival cards along with requested documents and follow the instructions.

Visa Fees

Bahamas citizens can get Tuvalu Visa on arrival at zero cost as Tuvalu offers a fee waiver for them. Visa is valid for 30 days. 

Type Cost Validity
Single Entry Visa on arrival Free 30 days


Visa Extension

Tuvalu grants visa extension for Bahamas passport holders for a maximum of 30 days

Important Tips

👉 To check more details, you can read the official document

👉 Tuvalu is a completely Cash-based economy, so don't forget to carry cash instead of cards. (Official Currency is Australian Dollars)

👉 Only selected airlines to fly to Tuvalu and that too on selected days of week.

👉 Visit Fiji along with Tuvalu as this is one of the most popular destination combinations.

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Tuvalu is a country in the Polynesia region of Oceania. Funafuti is the capital city of Tuvalu. It is a country and its passport rank is 82. It has a population of approx 11.8 K. Tuvalu `s phone code is 688 and its currency code is AUD. Most spoken languages in Tuvalu are Tuvalu

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