Palau visa for Puerto Rico citizens

Visa On Arrival

Palau grant visa on arrival for citizens of Puerto Rico. Palau visa is valid for a stay of 30 days from the entry date and can be extended twice for a fee. You must hold the below-mentioned documents on arrival in Palau.

Palau visa on arrival requirements

  1. 📒 Passport, Which should have at least have six(6) months of validity
  2. ✈️Return Flight Ticket or tickets showing your travel out of Palau
  3. 💳 Sufficient Funds(at least US$200 per week)


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Palau is a country in the Micronesia region of Oceania. Melekeok is the capital city of Palau. It is a developed country and its passport rank is 89. It has a population of approx 18.1 K. Palau `s phone code is 680 and its currency code is USD. Most spoken languages in Palau are Palau,Philippene Languages,English

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